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    Cloud – the essential ingredient for modern communication and collaboration.

    Modern customer support demands omnichannel engagement from anywhere, at any time. 

    Enhancing customer support through a cloud transformation enables mobility, security, efficiency and collaboration functionalities for the modern contact centre.

    In times of increased customer and economic uncertainty, investing in the future of how you communicate and collaborate as an organisation has never been more essential.

    CCNA guides BridgeClimb to the cloud

    Discover how this perfect partnership successfully delivered an end-to-end communications and collaboration transformation for one of the planet’s most iconic tourist organisations.

    Moving to a cloud phone system and ucaas

    Whether you’re considering deploying a new system or upgrading an existing one, you probably have a number of questions about UCaaS vs. other more traditional technologies and what to expect if you deploy a cloud solution. This guide provides answers to the most common questions customers have and gives an overview of your choices when it comes to technology platforms—PBX, IP PBX, and cloud.. Grab Your Copy

    The Key Benefits of Cloud-based

    communications and collaboration

    A true customer Omni channel experience
    Secure – cyber protected, backup, disaster recovery of CX data
    IVR, Self-Services, Advanced Routing and Catboats
    Deliver live support – anywhere, anytime
    Enhance CX with Social Media Content Integration
    Seamlessly scale with ease

    How app overload is reshaping the digital workplace report

    Information is coming from everywhere, with unlimited ways for it to be delivered. Notifications flood mobiles; ads inundate web browsers; news and social media jostle for attention. Want to cuddle with puppies? There’s an app for that, and virtually everything else. Amidst a surplus of technology, we face a glaring deficit of order. Alvin Toffler first introduced the concept of information overload in 1970; today that disconcerting feeling has spilled into the workplace and is hampering how work gets done.. Grab Your Copy

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