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    Your Definitive Guide to Contact
    Centre Technology in 2021

    It’s All About the Customer – Optimise Expectations

    To retain customers and stay ahead of the competition, your business needs a CX strategy. The strategy may be as simple as decreasing costs or improving Contact Centre KPIs. It could also be as sophisticated as driving differentiation, improving loyalty (NPS), and strengthening advocacy.

    By offering vendor agnostic technology, innovation, and design, CCNA helps you develop and realise your CX goals.

    Desktop Analytics

    IVR, Self-Services, Advanced Routing and Chatbots 

    Omnichannel Communications

    Cloud Contact Centres

    Remote Agents and Mobility

    Social Media Content Integration

    Cloud Connectors and Integration Software

    Workforce Optimisation and Quality Monitoring

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    Build the contact centre of the future, today

    Build the contact centre of the future, today

    Customer contact centres have been around for several decades helping customers solve basic concerns like password resets and login issues. They are responsible not only for helping customers solve problems but also acting as a customer service arm for businesses...

    Building an intelligent contact centre

    Building an intelligent contact centre

    Call centres no longer handle only phone calls. Today's contact centres have to manage emails, phone calls, and chat requests in the course of their day-to-day job. These functions depend on AI to make sense of inflowing, unstructured data points at a speed and level...

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