Communication is vital between a brand and its customers.

Organisations today recognise communication as a key facet in delivering optimal customer experience. Yes, there is a plethora of technologies in the market that help leverage data for insights. And yes, adopting new tech can potentially improve your CX play.

But fundamentally, creating a meaningful personalised experience requires the formation of an intricate humanised bond.

This is where artificial intelligence providing real and measurable value can be brought into question.

Customers still expect to speak with real humans and seek immediate resolution. Technology can very well drive the intel, but relationship building is the mandate and forte of the front line.

Recent research backs this notion. It was found that conversations are 10-15 times more likely to drive sales, or follow-up activity, than online forms or chats.

What is driving value at your contact centre? Is it technology? Or, is it personal relations driven through conversation?

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