SD-WAN is a popular technology now. And it is more than mere hype. It is being adopted wide and far. At CCNA, we are involved in several SD-WAN projects and the number is growing at a rapid pace.

As the SD-WAN market matures, customer requirements are changing. The SD-WAN conversation is shifting away from where it used to be. It has gone beyond saving money, replacing MPLS, cheaper and faster connections etc. I am not suggesting that these factors no longer apply. I am saying that the conversation has now moved to something greater than the obvious.

The conversation now includes that SD-WAN must adapt for leveraging multi-cloud environments. The conversation has moved beyond replacing traditional infrastructure with SD-WAN infrastructure. Organisations are revisiting their architecture. They are reconsidering how their sites are interconnected.

Also, customers are now demanding integrated security. Some vendors entered the market with WAN optimisation and built routing and security on top. Others approached the market from a routing perspective and built security and WAN optimisation later.

Essentially, SD-WAN must evolve as the market and customer requirements evolve. How are you travelling along on your SD-WAN journey?

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