It is no longer NEWS that SD-WAN is a rapidly expanding technology. I recently read an article which suggests that the SD-WAN market will grow by a compounded 40% between through to 2022. Although there are several business and technology drivers to this growth, one of the key contributing factors for SD-WAN is the proliferation of endpoints and organisations must know how to secure these endpoints.

So how does SD-WAN help? It helps with the encryption authentication at the edge. It helps ensure that traffic from the endpoint is encrypted. You can employ policy to ensure that only traffic originating from authenticated endpoints is allowed to navigate across the WAN.

SD-WAN solutions encrypt on-prem endpoint traffic. However, to secure endpoints, encryption alone does not suffice in the current threat era.

Next-gen firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, secure web gateway services etc go beyond encryption and must be harnessed.

Organisations need a fresh approach here. The entire stack of security services and associated policies should be distributed across the on-premises, collocation and cloud locations.

How are you approaching endpoint security?

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